Program #25: Experimental Film Bundle

Program #25: Experimental Film Bundle

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Plot M/Site A, 7 minutes
A study of some monuments related to the early history of nuclear age in Illinois.

Marat Minus 1, 1 minute
Part of a video series in a meditation on the relationship between suicide and capitalism.

Thought Cabinet, 8 minutes
An experimental short about a man who, literally trapped in his own mind, is forced to confront his most disturbing fantasies.

Inferno, 3 minutes
A suffering soul decides to travel into an uncertain darkness.

Continuum, 4 minutes
A young woman who is overwhelmed by societal pressures breaks free of a simulated existence and opens herself to the full breadth of life.

Atonal, 16 minutes
A film poem about the mysterious relationship between music Atonality and Male Asexuality.

Courted, 7 minutes
Imogen Clendinning’s latest found footage video-work utilized ripped clips from other films to explore various media representations of femininity.

From Scratch, 13 minutes
The transmission and deterioration of matrilineal traditions over time are traced through images of domesticity and the physical manipulation and destruction of celluloid with thread.



Sunday, October 24, 2021

TAP Centre for Creativity
203 Dundas St, London, ON N6A 1G4

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